About Us

BRUSH TECH INDIA was founded in 1997 with the objective of providing customized solutions for the brushing and cleaning requirements of industrial users.

We are manufacturing and exporting customized apart from standard range of brushes. We can manufacture brushes as per customer’s drawings, specification or samples. In addition, we are specialized in developing new brushes as per customer’s needs & requirements and we have a dedicated in-house design team for the same.

BRUSH TECH INDIA has developed more than 1500 types of brushes till date.

We manufacture Brushes filled with different kinds of filling materials like Monofilaments (Nylon, PP, PBT, Polyester), Abrasive impregnated filaments (Silicon Carbide, Ceramic), Animal Hair (Hog Bristles, Horse hair, Goat hair), Metal Wire (Steel wire, Brass wire, PB wire, SS wire), Plant Fiber (Mexican fiber, Coco fiber, Palm fiber) etc., with various size materials. These Brushes are manufactured in different configurations such as Flat Brush, Disc Brush, Rotary Brushes, Strip Brush, Twist-in-wire etc., using different base material such as wood, Nylon, PP, metal etc.

Our brushes find use a wide range of industries like Agriculture & Food processing, Automotive industry, Beverage industry, Ceramics industry, Cleaning industry, Conveying machinery of all industries, Jewellery Industry, Electronic industry, Energy industry, Metal working industry, Pharmacy & cosmetics, Plastics processing, Printing industry, Rolling mill industry, Rubber processing, Sport industry, Textile industry, Wire industry, Wood-working industry, etc. We make brushes for OEMs, after market as well as import substitution.